What To Look For

Long Lines - How long does it take someone to vote? If it’s a long wait, why? Are there enough machines for the number of voters? Have any broken down? If the lines are non-existent, we should see that, too.

Everyone Gets to Vote - Are voters turned away or asked to vote with a provisional ballot? Are potential voters or poll workers unclear as to which ID is acceptable?

Intimidation - Are potential voters being turned away by poll challengers? Does the poll challenging seem excessive or targeted towards specific voters? Is there police presence at polling places?

Accessibility - Are the polls open for the hours they are supposed to be? Did they open on time or close early?

Misinformation - Are people re-directed to another polling place after they were originally informed to come to this one? Are voters asked to pass a test, produce multiple pieces of identification, or justify their vote?

B-roll – Capture interesting additional shots (for example, exteriors of buildings or wide shots) that will make editing the footage easier. Also, don’t be afraid to turn the camera on yourself as you are receiving a dispatch call or in pursuit of responding to a reported incident.