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Election Protection Efforts in Cuyahoga County

by Crede
Nov 5, 2012
Max Wohl Civil LIberties Center - Cleveland, OH 44103
Cuyahoga County, Ohio has a large collaborative election protection network on the ground in this very important election district in the crucial state of Ohio. Multiple entities such as the ACLU, NAACP and Election Protection are teaming together to ensure that voters will have the correct information and that should trouble occur legal teams are prepared to take swift and appropriate action. Some mention of the last minute poll worker directive to change the method of the filling out of provisional ballots in violation of Ohio Election Law, as well as the recent last minute issuance by the Ohio Secretary of State, John Husted, of an uncertified software update via USB sticks to make it supposedly easier for precints not to count the votes but to make it easier to 'deliver' the vote totals to the Board of Elections. Interview with ACLU Legal Director and staff member, as well as a brief look at the joint Election Protection training session at the NAACP, in Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Ohio.