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B Street - Stratmore Hills

by Victoria Ybanez
Nov 6, 2012
2160 B Street (Stratmore Hills Fire Department) - Colorado Springs, CO 80906
No one would let me video they but I took photos of the location and got an audio from one woman. Talked to one person (hispanic), they were asked for drivers license/an id to vote Talked to a white guy, no problem. One woman (hispanic) was asked specifically for her drivers license, she did not receive her mail-in ballot and had to vote provisionally, she was quite frustrated (had two small children with her) - I have audio from her. An hispanic man I talked to did not vote. He was registered to vote, his wife and daughter had registered at the same time and had no problem but he was not on the list. He was asked specifically for his drivers license. He called it a "clusterf@&k in there". He said everyone in the polling place was voting provisionally with only one person helping out. There was a long line in there. I talked to an African American woman and she was not asked for any form of identification.