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A Jubilant "Seasoned" Citizen

by Nina D. Bennett
Nov 16, 2008
Zion Ministries United Methodist Church - North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Mrs. Geneva Johnson, an eleven year resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, found the experience of voting early at her neighborhood Smith's grocery store to be easy and pleasant. "The workers were cordial and knowledgeable. It made my voting easy." The location, because it was around the corner from her home, was very convenient for Mrs. Johnson and her family. She, who will turn 85 within weeks, is radiant and joyful as she describes her excitement about participating in this year's general election. In talking about the candidate of her choice, Barack Obama, she expresses her elation that his young children will be living in the White House. About President-Elect Obama, she stated, "We, as older Americans, can do lots for him by letting people know about him who don't know about him....and we don't talk race here. He's a human being. He's American. And he's a good father and husband."